If you love riding dirt bikes and in particular the enduro discipline then do yourself and your riding skills a favour and get a trials bike lesson, we did?

Ten OTR members organised a trial bike lesson with Trials Experience, some had never ridden a trials bike before and others owned their own bike. In late January we made the trek to the Macedon Ranges to discover what it was all about. First thing that stood out was the bike at 6o odd kgs was so light, the second thing was if you’re not big on standing while riding then you better get used to it because trial bikes don’t have a seat.

We all learned a lot and realised you could have some serious fun and these beasts. While the gearing was quite close for the first 3 or 4 gears the top gear allowed you to reach speeds up around the 80 kmh mark. We had a lot of fun in the heat but it did start to get a bit much when the temperatures reached 36 degrees, we heard the call of the Macedon pub and the lesson was over.

Special thanks to Paul and Jade Bray for the lovely hospitality and these awesome photos.


Photos from the Trials Experience

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