Riders’ Code

The riders’ code was established to educate OTR members about their responsibilities. All members are asked to respect and abide by the code.

  • Responsible riding, especially when on main roads, near houses, livestock or other bush users.
  • Having fully registered & adequately silenced motorcycle with number plate, reg label, operational head, tail & stop lights affixed.
  • Good tyre condition for rider safety & minimal trail damage.
  • All riders to be the holder of civil motorcycle license.
  • Assist in education of irresponsible riders/land users.
  • Communicate with and assist Land Management authorities when possible advising of damage.
  • Leaving bush free of litter & clearing other peoples rubbish if required.
  • Take particular care in muddy areas which are not as quick to recover as sandy loamy areas
  • Take particular care in water carriage areas.
  • Plan to ride in areas suiting your level of trail riding experience whilst considering changes in whether, which considerably change the ride level and your impact on our environment.
  • Take regular breaks, keep fresh, a tired rider has a greater risk of accident and/or impact on the environment.
  • Keep to defined tracks

Enduro and Adventure Riding

While at this stage all of the OTR rides are essentially enduro off-road riding, there are many members who organise adhoc rides through our Facebook page or group emails. Because clearly one ride a month is not enough to fill the adrenalin void or the need to hang it on your mates. These rides, while not sanctioned by OTR are generally run in a very similar manner, with lead rider and sweeper rider organised.

In recent years there has also been a growing list of OTR members who have purchased larger adventure orientated bikes. While at this stage OTR has no plans to run adventure rides, the members who do enjoy adventure riding do organise, weekend, 5 day and 10 day rides through out the year. These are run completely independent to OTR but are enjoyed by active OTR members.


Otway Trail Riders operate a private Facebook group, in order to join you must first become a member.


Meeting nights are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6pm for dinner at the Barwon Club Moorabool St Geelong. The OTR meeting starts at 7pm, where we will run through upcoming rides, general business and someone will give an summary of the previous months ride. Meetings are generally finished by 8:30. a very relaxed environment as we socialise and watch some DVD’s of events.


Otway Trail Riders hold at least one monthly ride for each month from February to November. These rides are held at various locations around Victoria and sometimes interstate. Many of the rides and one day rides but a number are held over two days. Generally our rides are suitable for “intermediate” rider skill, we ride in all conditions and require all members to have a fully registered motorcycle.


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