What do you get for your membership?

Otway Trail Riders is about enjoying rides in the great outdoors with other like minded riders. We strongly encourage riders to NEVER ride alone. While we acknowledge our sport can be dangerous we are all drawn to it because the fun of riding a motorbike far outways the negatives.

OTR run monthly rides which are controlled by two experienced lead riders who know the area well and plan for a fun and challenging ride for all. Each ride also includes two sweep riders to keep on eye on all riders and to help with any mechanical issues. We carry a satellite phone and two-way radios to ensure no rider is left behind. We use the corner man system to maintain a flow.

Many of our members have first aid training which was paid for by OTR. We carry a defibrillator on each ride just in case. Our rides are generally catered for with a BBQ and some drinks, but each ride does differ. A more detailed listing of the upcoming rides are listed on this website.

OTR Membership: $50 per year

There are two ways to become a member:
1. Be sponsored into the group, which basically means you are invited into the group by a current member.
2. Turn up to a monthly meeting, get to know the gang then come on a ride.


  • Responsible riding, especially when on main roads, near houses, livestock or other bush users.
  • Having fully registered & adequately silenced motorcycle with number plate, reg label, operational head, tail & stop lights affixed.
  • Good tyre condition for rider safety & minimal trail damage.
  • All riders to be the holder of civil motorcycle license.
  • Assist in education of irresponsible riders/land users.
  • Communicate with and assist Land Management authorities when possible advising of damage.
  • Leaving bush free of litter & clearing other peoples rubbish if required.
  • Take particular care in muddy areas which are not as quick to recover as sandy loamy areas.
  • Take particular care in water carriage areas.
  • Plan to ride in areas suiting your level of trail riding experience whilst considering changes in whether, which considerably change the ride level and your impact on our environment.
  • Take regular breaks, keep fresh, a tired rider has a greater risk of accident and/or impact on the environment.
  • Keep to defined tracks.


Committing to our values, through education and practice, we will sustain trail bike riding as a respected recreational activity ensuring future trail access and allowing for growth.


Affiliated with the SMCC established in 1932, GMCC, MA and VMC, the Otway Trail Riders exists to inspire all trail riders to abide by a code of ethics, meeting the needs of the club, the wider community and the environment. We do so in an effective, efficient and responsible manner.


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