If you love sand then Beachport is the place to ride, with an uninterrupted sand dune vista stretching from Beachport to Robe your skills will be tested every turn, bump and jump.

Traditionally a two day ride starting early on Saturday and finishing on Sunday. 2017 saw a large contingent of riders rock up on Friday to set up and head out for a leisurely ride. Rod Brown riding on his first official OTR ride made a name for himself by falling off about 10kms into the ride and braking his collarbone. Given it was only three months since his last broken collarbone, his new nickname “Whoopsie” seems a perfect fit. Give the boy credit though he did manage to ride back out of the sands dunes with his own support fleet of Jake and Scott Randall, before making his way with Griggy to the local hospital to be told what he already new, it was broken.

Saturday turned out to be a very wet day which is usually helpful in the sand but not so when it’s that wet you can’t see where your going. A group of 20 or so riders where lead by a very experienced local rider into the dunes for a 5 our ride.

Photos from the ride

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