Four OTR members made the journey to join the AMTRA crew at their Abbeyards headquarters in the Victorian High Country for a two day ride. It was wet and cold but the ride was great.

Scott and Jake Randall, Rodney Brown and new OTR member Nathan Melnuish all made the trek to Abbeyards for a weekend of riding. The Randalls took their KTM 690s, Rod his DRZ400 and Nathan his KTM 250. We were promised at least a 100 to 120 km ride on the Saturday and that is exactly what we got.

The weather didn’t ruin the spirits, although 10 minutes into the Saturday ride Nathan wished he had brought some water proof gloves and pants. Scooter discovered the slippery conditions were just that but dumping the bike about 3 minutes into the ride. Good news, there is video footage as exhibit A, it did happen.

We rode in snow both days, with Sunday being the pick riding in up to a foot of snow, it was tough riding, there was compacted ice under the fresh snow which rendered the front tyre nobbles useless.

Jake and Scooter’s ride was cut short in Sunday because Scooter’s radiator took a piss and didn’t stop. Jake decided to keep his eye on his inheritance and accompanied his Dad backed to the AMTRA headquarters packed up their gear and started the long trip back home. The rest of us continued up the icy mountain spending a good couple of hours playing in the snow. Tim our lead rider had some issues with his Husky, which left his battery dead. A swapped battery with a KTM (with a kick starter) solved the problem and we were all on our way again.

We managed to cross a couple of creeks, the first really was a glorified puddle and the second deep and long enough to stall my bike and realise I need to re-route my breather hoses for future river crossings.

The weekend was a great success, the AMTRA crew made us feel very welcome, the food and entertainment (if you want to know what went on then you’ll need to come along next year), was well… entertaining.

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